Sounds pretty weird, huh? How can I take on less to get more done. I mean, that totally goes against what we have been taught. Our mindset typically falls in the “if my purse is big enough, I’ll just keep putting things in it.”

You’re suppose to do more to get more done, right? You’re suppose to work your butt off with little to no sleep to be successful, right? Well that’s not necessarily true and personally I can’t imagine myself carrying that heavy ass purse everyday and enduring those back problems. I need my back. :)

In essence, we have actually been so counterproductive in the way that we do things that have us feeling more lost than ever before. Research shows that when they compared individuals that worked 55 hours a week to those that worked 70 hours a week showed no difference in things that were completed. None! Zilch! Nada! Wonder why?

Studies show that productivity per hour decline significantly when working more than 50 hours and anything after the 55 hour mark is pointless.

Here’s how you can drop the purse and go for the clutch:

Set a Timer

When you have a list of things to do,  the time that they need to be completed should not be abstract. Your to-do list needs a deadline so set a timer. When you give yourself a time frame, your brain is more inclined to get the task complete before the timer goes off.

Allow yourself allotted time to complete the task(s). Estimate about how long it will take, maybe 20, 30, 45 minutes. Whatever it is, stick to it and if you don’t complete it in time, place the task back on the list for tomorrow.

use the 80/20 Rule

Yes, this is a love rule, (we’ll talk about that at another time) but we’re going to use this for us to be more productive.  Focus 80% of your time on things that will get your closer to your goals and 20% on the things that don’t. You know that giving up social media will be difficult but cutting back on it is more realistic than cutting it out completely.

Stop Multi-Tasking

Doing more won’t get you more. Doing more will only get you tired more quickly which will have you half-assing on all your other task. When you’re doing one time, focus on that one time. If you're responding to emails, only respond to emails.

When you’re writing your blog, only write your blog. Don’t make calls, check social media, and watch TV during this time. Your work will be less than superb  and will possibly have to re-do. That’s not the move!

Though there are numerous ways to be more productive and increase your chances of success, these are 3 things you can implement immediately.

A little change can equal a big difference later. Trust me! :)

Now I would like to hear from you.


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