If you’re just starting out, or even have been an entrepreneur for some time, I’m sure you have seen the saying “hire before you’re ready”. It’s on social media and blogs that talk about the steps to entrepreneurship. But how do you know if it’s really for you?

I mean, let’s be honest, if you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, your funds may not be as lucrative as you would like and you might be thinking “I’m not able to afford” that expense right now. Though some of the things we say can limit our growth in business (and I wrote about it here), the truth is it really just depends on you. 

After starting my business, I read tons of articles, books, blog posts, and ebooks about what I needed to successfully get started.

When reading the information, it appeared to me that I would be extremely busy. But if it was easy, everyone would do it right? So I took that motto and rolled with it. 

I tried juggling my full-time, my side gig, my home, my health, my daily activities, and still stay up to date on comments, posts, and knowledge.

What I found out was that the theory of superwoman is just that….a theory. I found that there was no way that I could effectively juggle all these things without dropping the ball at least twice a day. 

That wasn’t effective for me or my business and was actually counterproductive to the goals I had in mind for my business growth.

I wanted to grow, make a difference, and be able to enjoy life on my terms, but by thinking I could do everything alone, I was spinning wheels and getting no where. 

I had to ask myself these questions before I decided if hiring a virtual assistant was right for me. 

How much of my day is focused on unprofitable activities?

Unprofitable activities are those that are typical administrative task such as responding to comments, managing emails, providing immediate responses to question, etc. 

Though these are EXTREMELY important to any business, it’s good to know how much time throughout the day you are spending on these activities. 

For me, 90% of my day was used on administrative tasks. Ouch! 

Do I know what I would delegate to an assistant?

Here’s something everyone should think about before shoving out money to an assistant. Know you’re goals and how you want you virtual assistant to assist with getting you there. 

I totally jumped the gun on this one and was a bit confused about what my first assistant should do. I was actually looking for the assistant to tell me what to do as if they owned the business.

Duh! Lady, you’re suppose to tell me what to do!

Don’t be me and avoid the egg on your face. Think about what can you delegate first. 

Do you have a system in place?

This was another “duh” moment. Not only did I not know what I wanted them to do exactly but I also didn't know how to teach them to do it. 

Like, what were you thinking Amber?

I had nothing. I guess I could email them the steps on how to do the thing that I needed them to do though I didn’t know exactly what that was yet. Here was yet another task I was putting on my plate that already runneth over. 

Again, learn from my mistakes and determine if you have a system in place for the virtual assistant to follow.

Not only will it be great for the current assistant, but if you needed to train someone else, they could know exactly how to execute your task without you having to explain it all over again. 

Remember, this is a business and you have to treat it as such. When you get hired for a job, you go through some type of training and your business is no different. 

How much are you willing to invest?

Contrarily to many believes, you don’t need lots of cash to hire an assistant. And just like purchasing new software or having an office, your assistant is an investment. Probably the BEST investment in your business. 

Determine what you would like to invest in an assistant weekly or monthly, and from there determine what days and how long you would need assistance.

Maybe you hire someone only one day a week for 3 hours or maybe you have someone work 1 hour a day focusing only on returning emails and responding to comments. 

This is truly up to you.

Just like any other job, you will have to comb through the good and the bad assistants, but know your virtual assistant is the most important job you will offer. 

This person will need to learn things you like and how do you like it done. They should want to see you and your business grow, so you want to be sure to select someone that seems knowledgable and genuinely interested in your growth.