Have you felt that you are stuck in life? Maybe you felt that you want to do more but it seems like it won’t happen for you?

You may see everyone else around you succeeding in life and living the perfect life while you are still trying to figuring it out? Trust me, I’ve been there that’s why I’m uber excited to talk about accelerating your happiness. 


Happiness looks different to so many people. I have worked with numerous clients that all wanted different things to be happy but for them to achieve it, I taught them all the same strategies.

The super secret information I’m about to give you is typically given in my one-on-one session but I thought, why would I have people pay for this?! These tricks are things that everyone should know and I love to see everyone succeed. 

Psychologist, Elizabeth Lombardo, stated that the art of happiness is a skill that can be learned – just like golf. And just like golf or any sport, there are steps that you have to master before you can be successful. What gives you happiness truly depends on you.


As I mentioned before, it’s important to realize that what gives happiness in life will be different for everyone. Some like the idea of having material things like name brand clothes, top of the line cars, or the latest technology. While others look at happiness as being able to pay their bill every month without worrying about how it’s going to happen. 

You have to determine what happiness is to you first before you start chasing after it. I believe that was one of my issues during the time I felt completely and utterly lost on what to do in my life.

I didn’t know what I wanted therefore I was stuck in an unhappy place. I challenge you to determine, what you want in life so that it will be easy to identify and reach. 

Start with asking yourself:

  1. Where am I directing my focus?
  2. Am I more motivated by fear or passion?
  3. What am I grateful for?
  4. Am I happy with my career?
  5. What do I need to change in order to be happy?

These are questions that will get you started in thinking about your reality and what is needed to get you to that life you always wanted. 


1. Know what is important to you

I will speak from experience here and will willingly say that I am a past people pleaser. I know, I know, it’s pretty bad but it’s my reality. I had this big idea that pleasing others would make them happy which in turn would make myself happy. 

I later found out that pleasing others is what kept me unhappy. Now, I’m not blaming others for my unhappiness but I am blaming myself for allowing others to have that much control over my life. 

We have one life to live and how we decide to live it is solely up to us. Think ahead before agreeing to take on task from others or participating in events that we really don’t want to be apart of. 

If you absolutely hate kick-boxing, don’t sign up and pay your monthly fee just because you friend asked you to do it. Don’t stop painting because it’s not the “cool” thing to do. If you love it, do it. Learning that your happiness is important for your mental and physical health. 

TAKE ACTION: Learn to say no without feeling bad for it because you’re happiness is much more important. 

2. Change the way you think

Contrary to what you or other people may think, happiness is completely achieved by your mindset. That’s right, my friend. You control your happiness single-handedly by your perception of your situations and even the world for that matter. 

Perception is the one thing that you can control in your life so why not manipulate that for your good. Like the saying goes, we are what we think and if we think that we are unhappy then that’s exactly what you will manifest in your life. 

If you change your perception of your life, you will begin to become happier with where you are. There are so many that would love to play the hand you’re dealt and gratitude will accelerate your happiness quicker than anything else. 

Start perceiving your connections, your job,  your business growth (no matter how slow or fast) as something special. Everyone doesn’t get to experience the things you get to experience or even have the access to certain things that you do.

TAKE ACTION: Make of list of all the things you did this week that contributed to your happiness or steps towards your happiness. You will notice that you actually are getting things done with your business or become more aware that your time with your family is an important factor in your life fulfillment. 

3. Stop comparing

Who’s guilty of having social media envy? Come on. Raise your hand, friend. We all do. We see those posts of people that started out at the same place we did but someone fast-tracked it to the top. 

You have those moments when you think to yourself, where did I go wrong or what am I doing wrong? I’m sure you could list out all the things that suck in your life and reasons that you have not succeeded. You see all the people that doing great things and it makes you feel that you aren’t doing enough. 

Here’s the thing, you have to remind yourself that these postings aren’t of their real life and more often than not those individuals are doing the same thing you are doing. 

If you’re truly looking for an answer, here it is. You went wrong when you started comparing your life to theirs.

If you actually sit back and think about your life, I’m sure you could list out all the things that suck in your life and reasons that you have not succeeded.

Like most of us, searching social media gets you into a spiral of social media envy. You see all the people that doing great things and it makes you feel that you aren’t doing enough. 

TAKE ACTION: Limit your downtime on social media surfing other accounts. Start having a purpose for being on social media and after that purpose is filled, log out immediately. This allows you the ability to embrace and enjoy the life you have. 

After implementing these simple tricks, I learned the art of happiness and I immediately began to notice a difference in my life. Creating your happiness and living the life you always wanted doesn’t have to take months or years, this is something you can do immediately.

Don’t waste another day saying that you will try it tomorrow. Start today. No excuses allowed.