Should You Decrease Social Media to Grow Your Business

social media for women

Last week I went to an event with Tony Robbins and Gary Vee. It's one of my things to do each month to ensure I'm meeting other like-minded individuals. I learned so much while there and met a few people that I connected with.

There a several takeaways I would like to share with you over this month but one in particular stood out to me.

Gary Vee talked about social media and utilizing it for your business. It got me to thinking about how I use social media and complaints I have heard from several clients.

If you're not seeing the results you want to see in your business, have you thought that you should may decrease your social media?

Whoa?! Sounds cray, cray huh?!

If you think about it, why are you really using social media? Is it because that's what someone told you to do? Did you just follow everyone else?

Now don't get me wrong, social media is super fun and a great way to connect with others but is it really doing what you want it to do for you in your life and/or business?

Confused? I'm sure you are (sorry about that) so here are my recommendations on how to decrease your social media. 


After watching, let me know if this is something you have implemented in your business.

Have you increased your social media and it worked perfectly? Does social media help or hurt you? Do you have any idea what you're doing on social media (this was TOTALLY me)?

Share as little or as much as you feel comfortable but I would love to chat with you more about marketing on social media for your business. 

Remember, to be exceptional you must do exceptional things. 

Chat with me in the comments below! 

Thanks a million! See you in the comments!