Is Your Hustle Holding You Back

"While you're sleeping, I'm hustling"

"Hustle 24-7"

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle"

Sound familiar???

entrepreneur hustle

Society or let's say social media has taught us that hustling is the only way to be successful no matter what the cost. No sleep is a good thing when it comes to entrepreneurship right?


I must admit, I started out taking those words very literally (yes, I know...what was I thinking?). I would stay up all night and wake about 3 hours later to start it all over again. How many of you know that it quickly caught up with me. 

It came to a point where I had to step outside of myself to see that I was being easily angered, frustrated, and transitioning into another person. That's totally not my personality and to be honest if felt icky. 

I had to take a break. A MAJOR break because I realized I was burnt out (insert gasp here). 

Now as a therapist and coach, you would think I know better right? I mean this is the stuff that I talk to my clients about alllll the time. Well, I hate to break it to ya but I'm human and I have my struggles.

I would counsel during the day and coach at night all while trying to make sure I'm keep up with all the other things in my life (fitness, health, friendships, my marriage, etc) and it simply got to be too much.

The shocking thing is I didn't notice my burn out. I just happened all of a sudden. I just woke up one day and said I'm tired. LOL! Crazy huh?! I know, and I've never experienced anything like it but in a way I'm glad I did. Now I can speak more about burn out from experience with my clients (there's always a bright side of things).

It's very typical of a high achiever to not notice signs of burnout. We are so passionate about what we do, so driven to be successful and help others that we tend to overlook the long hours and strenuous workload. 

Luvvie recently tweeted:

grinding millennial

Can we give her a hand clap for this?! I could not have said it better myself! 

All this on social media about #teamnosleep or "while they sleep, I'm grind" is not what you should buy into. If you've found yourself here currently or before then you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm back now and I feel more revived than ever.

How did I do it? Thinking you might be here too? Not sure if you really are struggling from burn out or something else? Let's chat!

1. Determine if it's really a burnout or simply a matter of restructure

Signs of burnout included...

  • Insomnia - In the beginning, you may have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the week. In the latter stages, insomnia may turn into a persistent, nightly ordeal i.e. as exhausted as you are, you can't sleep.


  • Anxiety - You may experience mild symptoms of tension, worry, and edginess. As you move closer to burnout, the anxiety may become so serious that it interferes in your ability to work productively and may cause problems in your personal life. We really don't want that!


  • Depression - Initially you may feel some sadness, occasionally hopeless, and you may experience feelings of worthlessness and/or guilt. At its worst, you may feel trapped or severely depressed. If it gets worse, it's time to seek professional help


  • Anger - Signs of anger could include interpersonal tension and irritability that may turn into angry outbursts and serious arguments at home and in the workplace.


  • Chronic Fatigue - In the early stages, you may feel a lack energy and feel tired most days. In the latter stages, you feel physically and emotionally exhausted, drained, and depleted, and you may feel a sense of dread for what lies ahead on any given day.

There are more signs of burnout but if none of the signs resignates with you, it could be something as simple as scheduling. Think about restructuring your day with most of your difficult task in the morning and lighter things in the afternoon. 


Take a real break. Not a break with your laptop or constantly checking your phone but a break without those devices that keep your focused on the business. 

Go to a coffee shop (check me out below with my and read a book, watch a funny movie, have a day of pampering at the spa, or simply go window shopping. All these activities are great ways for you to take your mind of the business and get back to filling your cup.

starbucks for entpreneurs

3. Make some changes

When you come back from your break, you don't want to enter the same cycle. It's time to make some changes. 

Think about those late nights or crazy days you have. Maybe you're trying to do it all yourself. If so, then it's time to think about hiring an assistant. Now I know if you're just starting out, you may think that hiring someone is not in your budget but trust me, you need the help.

There are virtual assistants that work for a minimum fee per hour. Figure out how you can hire someone for an hour or two a week to start and allow them to handle big things that stress you out. As your business continues to grow, you can increase the hours. 

This may not be your answer but whatever it is, you are definitely going to need a change. What is it that you need to change to make you sure burnout doesn't happen again? Figure that out and get to changing. 

Don't allow your "hustle" prevent you from doing your very best and showing up when you need to for your business and yourself.