Must Have Make Up Products for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur, you have to stay on top of your appearance even when you don’t quite feel like it. I’m not really into wearing make-up frequently but when I do, I want to make sure I’m looking as flawlessly as possible. I also have sensitive skin so I have to be sure that the products I use not only look good but as treat my skin well. 


After TONS of trial and error and many hits to my pocket (insert sigh), I’ve finally found a combination you are going to love. I even told my friend and she started using the same products and LOVED it. Plus it saves a money because you are not out trying to pay a makeup artist overtime which can get really, really costly. 

I thought I should share my make up routine and products so you can also fall in love with them as my friend and I did. 


Tarte Primer

OMG! I’m not sure where I have been but who knew that having a face primer will make you look like you just walked out of a magazine?! Seriously! When I put this on, I get so many compliments and inquiries about my makeup artist. Everyone is always surprised when I respond that it is me. 

TARTE .jpeg

MAC Concealer


Becca Eyebrow Palette


Bobbi Brown Powder


Urban Decay Eyeliner


MAC Lipliner


Jouer Lip