6 ways to grow your business (including 3 ways not to)

Can’t seem to get your business off the ground since starting. I totally understand. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong because clearly everyone around me were having much success and making 40K and 50K months while I was struggling to break a consistent 1K.

Sounds familiar?

I finally found my groove and figured out what “they” didn’t tell me about growing my business. Here are my proud and true tips to get your business growth to skyrocket.

1. Get clear on your audience

So many times people will wonder why their audience isn’t purchasing what they have to offer. Have you ever thought they don’t want to pick up what you’re putting down?

Hey, just trying to be honest?

Majority of the time, your services and/or products don’t sell because you haven’t taken the time to know who you are selling to. Take some time to research your audience and actually understand who they are and what they need from you.

This is the easiest way to grow your audience.

Here’s why…

  1. Easier to attract your target market. No longer will you create random things that you “think” your audience needs but actually know what they need.
  2. Easier to create content. By knowing who you are talking to, it’s easier to use their language and discuss only things they are interested in.

WHAT NOT TO DO:  Solve a problem. Be sure you audience knows you are solving a major problem for them.

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2. Grow your email list

Have you started building your email list? If not, why?! Your email list will have one of the highest conversion rates and not using it means missed opportunity to grow your business.

Don’t know how to grow your list? Try this.

Add content upgrades to previous and current content. Take time to go through your previous blog post and identify ways to add value.

Be sure your upgrades are beneficial. Though you want to add content upgrades to your previous content, you still want to make sure it’s beneficial. It’s not a good idea to randomly include a content upgrades that has nothing to do the with the content or something that your audience doesn’t find valuable.

What’s that? You want me to elaborate on value? Sure.

Something that’s valuable to your audience includes actionable steps. This leaves them feeling more confident on what you are telling them to do. Another way to add value is explaining something that is difficult for your audience. Think step-by-step. Giving away great free information only heightens your audience interest in your paid services and/or products.

Okay...back to it.

3. Create strategic money streams

Diversifying your income creates stability. That's totally tweet-worthy!


 When creating your business, you want to be sure to have multiple streams of income. Each stream of income should be strategic because this obviously is what we want to grow the business.

The great thing about running your own business is you get to create your own money streams. Think about what you like to do and what you like to offer and begin there.

When I first started out, I thought that I needed several streams of income before stating but in actuality I didn’t. I recommend identifying at least 2-3 services or products (consulting, eBook, DIY, etc) to get started and then build upon your services.

The most important part of creating strategic money streams to grow your business is setting each offer into a funnel. My recommendation here is to identify your offer and work backwards to create the funnel.

Speaking of strategic money streams...how about creating a course?

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4. Create an eCourse

Talk about a business grower! Having an eCourse can always run in the background (especially an evergreen model) to create consistent income.

Did I get you with that? Consistency is a great term, right?

If you haven’t thought about creating a course, I highly recommend it.

What do you know? What can you teach? Really you can take this multiple ways. Are you great at creating animated gifs? Do you know calligraphy? How about special techniques of make-up?


I took advantage of this as well and created a few course around Instagram. Check them out here. 


There are numerous entrepreneurs making well over 50K month with online courses plus it’s a billion dollar industry.


Why not hop on the train while it’s still rolling, amiright?!

WHAT NOT TO DO: Naming your course something that does not relate to what you’re teaching. For example, if you’re teaching on how to create images on Canva, naming your course Designs for You is a bit confusing. 

5. Learn to launch

Yes, creating a course will be awesome but if you don’t launch, it just may be a flop. Growing your business can’t happen without having a launch strategy.

I recommend launching any new product or services that you have coming up. The reason for this is to build a buzz around your new offering and build a bigger interest.

Bigger buzz + bigger interest = more sales (grow your business)

WHAT NOT TO DO: Release something without content marketing. Use this method to educate your audience and increase interest in your offer.

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6. Be more productive with priorities

I will be first to admit that growing your business isn’t easy but I will always be the first to admit, it’s not rocket science. You have to be focused when it comes to growing your business.

I see and hear so many people talking about staying up all night and getting little sleep. That’s totally not going to work because at a certain time your brain shuts down and you become less productive.

Also doing a bunch of non-income producing activities will only waste time and hinder your business from growth.

Focus on the activities that produce more income and delegate other activities that are less value. Also, blocking off certain times of the day where your most productive (for me it’s the first thing in the morning) and pound through my to-do list.

With all that information, I hope I have given you some great information to use to grow your business. I have implemented each step and my life is more focus on working less to get better results. Who’s with me?!


7 Reasons Why Your Business Isn't Growing

Yo! Yo! Yo! Have you don’t seen your business grow? 

Rhyming skills need a little work? Maybe just a tad.

I’m here today to talk about some of the reasons you haven’t seen your business grow. You know, like, if you haven’t made any money all month or your audience is slowly creeping in size, then this might be you. Disclaimer: I want you to know that I have been here too so if you fall into one (or all) of these categories it’s okay. The good thing is you’re trying to recognize how you can do better, and that’s the important part. 

Enough of my rambling, let’s get to it shall we?!


You’re not focused on the right things

  Squirrel! When starting a business, there are a million different things that catch your attention and shift your focus. You need to respond to emails, comments on social media, get a website, write blogs, create graphics, be more visible, and the list goes on.

Though all of these things are important, they aren’t all important at the same time. For you to run a successful business, you have to find your focus and stay there. What is it that you need to work on? Write out all the things that you need to do in your business and prioritize from there. Take the top 3 and focus your attention there.

You don’t do enough shameless promotion 

 I’m a so guilty of this when starting my business. OMG! I use to be “afraid” of what people would think if what I was offering wasn’t good. Or what if I did it the wrong way, people would laugh and judge me. I final got to the point that I didn’t care. When trying to grow your business, you can’t dwell on what other people will say (or what you think they will say). Fear is a very common root cause of your business not growing. 

Fear manifest itself in many different forms. Identify what’s holding you back from the next level in your business and ask yourself:

Will taking this step be detrimental to me or my family? If the answer is no, then get to it.

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You aren’t making enough connections

Have you ever heard the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”? Well, if you haven’t, now you have. Hahaha! Either way, the message is the same for your business. You will grow your business a lot faster when you have connected with other like-minded individuals and businesses.

It’s beneficial to get in front of someone’s audience and have them promote you and your business. It’s the best way to market yourself because the trust factor is already there which puts you ahead of someone with the same service that is running a Facebook Ad.

Before trying to connect with someone, think about ways they would benefit from connecting with you too. It has to be a two-way street. Don’t just think people will support you for the simple fact that you need support.

Talk to them and build a rapport. Not only will you most likely find that supporting each other is helpful, but you will most likely create a business bestie. Natalie (one of my business besties) over at Strategist Cafe wrote a great article on qualities of a business bestie.

You’re not active on social media

Does this sound like you? Do you post something on social media then disappear? You are completely missing out on building engagement with your audience which is what will help grow your business. People connect with people, especially if you have a service-based business.

Hang around after you post about 10-15 minutes to be available to answer questions or respond to comments. If you’re working a 9-5, try posting around times you have the availability to respond so that you don’t miss those rapport building opportunities. 

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You really think “solo” is the way to go

Going back to what I said earlier about networking with people, it's a great way to build your business. Being solo in your thinking and your actions is equally as wrong. One of my biggest mistakes when starting my business was thinking that I could do it all.

To truly grow a business successfully, you will have to delegate some of those tasks that are non-revenue generating activities. For example, responding to each inquiry that you receive in your inbox could be a non-revenue generating activity, as oppose to hosting a webinar or creating a course that will yield you hundred even thousands of dollars should have your focus.

Hiring a virtual assistant for $20 a week would be way more cost-effective so you can focus on higher priced items. 

You continue to think average

Yep! I said it because it had to be said. Your average way of thinking will get you in a whole lot of trouble. "Eso no es bueno" (the only few words I remember from taking Spanish in college, eek!). In other words, that’s not good. Picture it (in Sophia’s voice)...

You get a weekly email from one of your favorite people asking you to respond to one of their questions or you’re in a Facebook group that you adore and the host asks a question. The average person wouldn’t take the time to respond or think something like: “they would never respond to me”. While the exceptional person does exactly what was asked. 

I have won so many FREE (yes, that’s right FREE) business consultations and grew connections with some people I’ve always wanted to work with simply because I took the time to respond. Don’t allow the average-person mindset hold you back from growth.

You don’t know your target market

One of the most common mistakes people make when starting a business. If you are trying to talk to everyone in your business, you’ll wind up talking to no one. Stop thinking your business is for everyone because it’s not. 

Really understand who you’re talking to and target those people. Hang out where they hang out. For example, are they on Snapchat instead of Facebook? If so, you need to be killing it on Snapchat. Get the picture?


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You invest in the WRONG things

This goes back to the average way of thinking. I find it very often when talking to my clients that they just bought a purse on sale, 50% original pricing. What will that purse bring you in return? Yes you may be the hottest thing that walks in the door, but your business still will be a hot mess. 

Stop investing in those lattes at Starbucks and invest in yourself and your business. Once your business begins to grow then you’ll have the freedom to splurge on anything you want. Hands down a coach is the way to go when you need to grow your business.

If you feel that you can’t afford a one-on-one with a coach, try joining their group sessions or courses that they offer. That’s a much cheaper option but you'll still get you some results. Even if you don’t find someone in particular that you want to work with, there are options like: Udemy, Masterclass, Skillshare 



Feeling uneasy about starting a business because someone else has already started? No worries. read how to start an existing business here. 

If you’re like some people, you feel defeated when you find out someone has started the business you wanted to start. Or you may have found a business that has been started but think you would have made it better if only you could have started it before they did.

If you haven’t identified it yet, you are having “it-already-exist-so-I-can’t-do-it” start-up bias. When you break it down, it’s something that the world knows as fear.

Fear can manifest itself in multiple ways in your life and in your business. The key is to recognize it and not let it determine your success in life. To be successful with anything, you will have to do things that make you uncomfortable.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook though Friendster and Myspace already existed. He put his own spin to it and did it better, a LOT better.

It’s totally okay for you to start a business that has been started already. In fact, you will have an advantage to starting your business after someone that has used that same idea as you. Yep! Awesome sauce, eh?! Let’s talk.


When someone has already started that business of yours and stole your idea (not really but we’ll just say you were the originator), it’s a great opportunity to see what they are doing and how you can do it better. This is called a competitors analysis which is needed for your marketing plan in your business.

Research and study the competition and find what they are doing and how you can do it better. Are they emailing clients when you could call or meet with your ideal clients one-on-one?

Do they respond to clients within 3-5 business days leaving an opportunity for you to respond within 24-48 hours? Maybe they charge for shipping, giving you the opportunity to offer free shipping.

There are a ton of ways to make sure your business thrive and succeed even though there is competition.


Your business idea may have already been taken and started but no one can run a business like you. Everyone has their on individuality which makes something unique and special. You’re gift of delivery and style is special just for you.

Don’t feel that your business won’t thrive for the simple fact that it’s already started. Think about the number of grocery stores that’s available, gas stations, or even beauty salons.

We all choose these based on qualities that we like about them or those that are convenient for us. Find your niche and make it your own.

If you’re a services based business and feel that those big name people have started the same business and offer the same services you would like to offer, remember that we all receive messages differently.

Remember when your parents or someone close to you told you how to do something in your life and you brushed it off or thought “they have no idea what they’re talking about.”

Only later to see that you heard it again from a teacher, a friend, or co-worker and it makes sooooo much sense. Yes, that can be you too.

Just because a big name person has said it, doesn’t mean that everyone received the message. It doesn’t matter if it has been delivered 1,000 times, you’re 1,001st time can make a world of a difference.


As the example I used early about Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook though Myspace was already available, you can and should do the same thing. Facebook grew so far past Myspace that it is now has one billion people active on the platform. One billion! That's completely unheard of.

Use that same type of framework for your business. Know your target audience and grow your business from there. Know where they hang out and grow your business from there.

I recommend starting with 2-3 social media platforms to start your business, instead of trying to be on every platform available. This will make it a lot easier for you to manage and grow. You would much rather be killing it on 2 or 3 platforms instead of a hot mess on 5 different platforms.

One great way to gain more traction is incorporating more videos. So many people are afraid of going Live or being seen on camera but it’s the wave that is rolling at this time and you want to catch it.

It can be a bit scary and intimidating at first but practice, practice, practice will make it much easier to implement daily into your business model.

There you have it. There are 3 different ways to start and grow your business that someone else has already started. Remember through the process it’s easy to get discouraged and quick. The hard part is recognizing your greatness and continuing through the path.

Identify your fear when it arises and immediately replace that thought with a positive one and reclaim your motivation. The average person doesn’t recognize their fears, the semi-average person recognizes their fears and still succumbs to it.

While the exceptional person identifies their fears, understand that it’s normal, and push it to the side, not allowing it to determine their destiny.

Don’t be average, but the exception.




Some how Instagram loops have received a bad name and so many people don’t want to participate and don’t even think about hosting an Instagram loop. I am not the type of person that will take someone word as the final answer so I decided to try it myself. I had no idea what I was doing but jumped in the head first and wanted to share with you what I have learned from hosting a loop. 



Over the next couple of weeks, I will be discussing with you about how to grow your Instagram and the necessary steps to keep your following growing at all times. Sounds good right?! 

So many people jump head first on social media, especially Instagram without taking the time to actually research and understand each step that is needed to make sure they are successful on the Instagram platform. 

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