On this page you’ll find services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know are valuable. I’ve made it easy so that you can quickly find great products and services all in one place. 

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or wouldn’t personally use.

1. Convertkit - This is actually how you received this email and if you're interested in a free trial, you can click this link to try it out. I like Convertkit for planning my funnels, setting up my challenges (which you will start receiving a 5-day challenge Monday if you are apart of Holiday Hustle), and sending out my emails you to with all of this good information 

2. Squarespace - Hands down the easiest, in my opinion, platform to manage your site. Squarespace is soooo user-friendly that I can actually go in to change anything on my website without the designer because who has time for that?! 

3. Iconosquare - I use this tool to track my Instagram analytics. It's important to know what I need to change or what's working so I can do more of it. I'm all about working smarter, not harder. 

4. Planoly or Onlypult - I know you're like "pick one Amber" but I can't and I want to let you know that you have options. These are scheduling tools for Instagram *insert cheering here*. If you have been struggling with Instagram and keeping up with posts as I know a lot of you are then you should absolutely use one of these. Truly a time saver.

5. Acuity - This is a scheduling tool that I use to schedule my chats with some of you, to schedule my podcasts, or to collect payment for a service such as a one-on-one session or just a simple "help me with this Amber".

6. Zoom - Did I mention that my podcast starts back next week and they are recorded for your viewing pleasure on Youtube? I'm pretty excited about it. I recorded all my podcasts on Zoom for free.

7. Hootsuite - Most of you probably have heard about Hootsuite but if you haven't, it's a social media management platform and I schedule my post for Twitter and Facebook here. Again, smarter...not harder!

8. Canva - Canva is my jam! I create all my images in Canva. It gives me such flexible with the things I can do and it's also an app. By the way, did I mention it's free?